Lawn Bowls Shop

Everything you Need to Know About Lawn Bowls Shop

Like any other shop, there are basic things that you should know and put in place when setting up a lawn bowls shop. You should be having in mind the kind of accessories and clothing that you need to stock as far as lawn bowl sport is concerned. In addition, you should determine whether you want to sell brand new, second hand or borrowed equipment. Let’s explore more about lawn bowling.

What Should be in Your Lawn Bowls Shop?

You should have some knowledge on the set laws of lawn bowl sport so that you don’t have dead stock in your shop. This will help you know the colour of the clothing, the type of shoes and the playing equipment required by the bowlers. Let’s look at the clothing and the equipment you need to have in your shop. Try to find a Lawn Bowls Shop – Shoes, Equipment, Clothing & Accessories supplier around your local area.


Bowlers usually use white shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers, shoes, and caps during very serious tournaments or competitions. Some of the blouse styles you can stock in your shop include Zippy, Pique, Brora, Vee, Melrose, and Orion. Let them have diverse necklines, white, grey coloured or both of them and short or long sleeved.

The shoes in your shop should not have any heel in styles like slip on, lace up, sandal and trainer style. They should be in white, grey or tan but be in different sizes.

You should be having some personal protection gears in your shop for most of the bowlers use them. They include sunscreen, insect repellent, bottled water, small towels and a hat

You need to stock your shop with pullovers, slip covers, and zip up jackets, knitwear, sweatshirts, formal blazers, waterproof clothing and headgear for adverse weather conditions both sunny and rainy.


Some of the equipment used in the lawn bowl game include markers, jacks (this is a small ball used when playing), chalk, lawn bowls measure, skip and vice skip, bowls or woods (a larger ball that is rolled by bowlers) etc. The jack and bowl are usually black in colour and are made of wood, rubber or plastic resin, however; knowing the rules of the clubs in your area will help you stock the right colour and type in your shop.

A Guide to the Equipment and Clothing to Stock in Your Shop

Your shop should help both the new and existing bowlers get their suitable set of equipment and apparel they need at very reasonable prices. Consider the following when stocking your shop:

  1. Size – you should know the most common sizes of bowls. For men is 3-4 while for ladies is 2-3, however, the correct bowl size of your clients is the which does not strain their fingers or wrist when delivering.
  2. Weight – the bowl is either medium, mid heavy, heavy or extra heavy. Most bowlers use heavy weight for indoor games, however, stock all the four weights.
  3. Color – the most popular colour is black and brown. Other colours are also used though in the indoor tournament because they are brightly coloured. Stock your shop with more black and brown coloured bowls.
  4. Make – determine which bowl type should be used in a stadium or short mat carpets. Pay attention to the actual brand name of the bowl, however, most bowls are meant for stadium bowling there stock more of them in your shop.

In conclusion, make your lawn bowl shop well stocked with a wide variety of equipment and clothing that will give your customer the satisfaction they require.