Car Rental in Hervey Bay

Things to Know About Car Rentals

So you’re going for a long trip this weekend at Hervey Bay and you need to rent a car in order to do so? Aside from the long playlist, you’re going to worry, you should first choose the right car rental company. In order to help you make the right decision, here are the following things that you need to know about car rental in Hervey Bay.

Choose a company that communicates well

One thing that you should always consider is choosing a car rental company that knows how to communicate well towards their customers. The picture provided on their website might not be in real life. It is also wise to check reviews and feedbacks from their past clients regarding their services. Call the clerk ahead of time and inform him the day of your arrival. In that way, you can rest assured that your reservation at their car rental company is well-prepared.

Young drivers pay more

Most of the car rental companies do not accept clients who are under 25 years old. It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect driving record, but the fact that you are still 23 will make you pull some extra cash from your wallet. Also, car rental company will make you pay more for each young drivers inside the car, regardless if you are going to allow them to drive or not. Hence, prepare for some extra cash if you have some young drivers with you.

Minimize the number of who’s going to drive

For instance, it’s a family vacation that we’re talking about and you have acquired a bigger car to accommodate all of your family members, it is important to minimize the number of the people who are going to drive. The more people you allow to drive the rental car, the more you’ll pay. There is always an extra fee for every extra driver. One or two drivers should be enough.

Avoid off-roading

Many of the car rental companies in Hervey Bay would not charge more if the customer wanted to take the car for off-roading. Hence, you should always stay on the paved road and secure the car as much as you can. Avoid tailgating or taking down the muddy roads. If for instance, you took the car to a muddy road and you got stuck, the fee for getting the car out and cleaning it out (more expenses if it caused any damage) will be shouldered by the client because you violated the rental agreement that you have signed. Bring back the car in perfect condition with a filled gas tank to avoid any problems.

Now you’re ready to rent a car in Hervey Bay. Keep these tips in mind when renting a car and it will help you to make a fully-informed decision. Renting a car can be convenient, only if you choose the right car rental company and take care of the vehicle properly in the process.


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