Promotional Items

Facts You Should Know About Promotional Ites

Most of the marketers follow the old rule of the thumb for promotional product campaign of giving items that are used every day. For example pens, calendars, umbrellas, mouse pads, water bottles and so on. Nevertheless, serious and experienced marketers are coming up with creative strategies for creating impacts in the life of their customers and give their customers useful and unique items that are of high quality.

You may never know how much your company or organization is losing in terms of revenue by sticking to that ancient promotional method. Your competitors have strategized their promotional campaigns to be catchier in the eyes of their customers. It is saddening to know that even some of your serious customers are always looking for better promotional items from your competitors and that could be the reason why their business is doing better than yours.

According to a study by PPAI in 2017, 94% of people always recall where they received a promotional gift. Besides, 83% of all consumers like getting promotional gifts and products that have an advertising message on them, 85% of those who receive the gifts prefer doing a business transaction with the advertiser and 58% of consumers concluded that they keep the products given from 1-4 years.

In addition, the study revealed that 89% of the consumers always remember the advertiser’s name and their company’s name for at least 24 months later after getting the promotional item. You may not believe it, but promotional items draw 500% more referrals for your company in Brisbane, business or organization from the satisfied consumers who got the gift items. What are some of the importance of gift items?

Promotional Products Advertisment for Brisbane

Importance of Promotional Items

  • Quick Brand Recognition – your entrusted customers are able to identify instantly your products and even services when they see your logo. Your customers can even remember your name for more than two years after receiving the gift and they keep it in their homes and vehicles for more than 6 months and will always buy from you.
  • It is low costing yet effective means of marketing – you don’t have to dream of those huge advertising methods. As a small business, you can provide your customers with these gifts and you will deliver great value for your investment
  • They may act as your business card – these items contain your contacts, company’s name and the various products you are offering that’s what is contained in a business card.
  • Increases your customer’s loyalty – as a marketer you can increase the base of customer loyalty by giving them promotional gifts. Usually, people buy again and again from those people they trust.
  • Increases your business exposure – promotional gifts are 23% more effective than TV or billboard adverts. As your customer wears a shirt or sips drink from the cup you gave them, there’s daily exposure of your business.

So what are some of these promotional products?

Common But Unique Example of Promotional Items

Creative companies have taken it higher by creating more innovative items that will leave you wondering, how did they come up with such a product? Usually, they connected a product to their brand and to a daily issue. Some of these products include:

  • Straws
  • Ice cream sticks that look like a toothbrush
  • Mugs
  • Gloves
  • Rubber hands
  • Water bottles
  • Towels
  • Fake insects like cockroaches to eliminate their infestation
  • Magnetic panels with scratches attached on cars to advert your product and many think their vehicle is scratched.
  • Notebook in form of a tissue
  • Flash
  • T-shirts

Etc. the list is endless.